IM Checklists Vol 11 Review | How to Use WordPress

#IMChecklistsVol11Review #IMChecklistsVol11 #IMChecklistsVolume11Review #IMChecklistsVol11Bonus IM Checklists Vol 11 Review gives you details on How to Use WordPress. Grab your checklists at

#IMChecklistsVol11Review #IMChecklistsVol11 #IMChecklistsVolume11Review #IMChecklistsVol11Bonus

Inside, you get access to the actual checklists that Kevin uses to run his 7 figure online business.

Here’s a quick overview of the checklists and other tools that are included in this bundle…

1. Things to know before making a website on WordPress
2. Install WordPress From The Start
3. Installing and Configuring A Theme
4. Installing & Configuring WordPress Plugins
5. Styling WordPress
6. Widgets & Menus
​7. Tracking & Analysts
8. Create Your First Blog Post
9. Creating & WordPress Page & Setting Up The Home Page
10. WordPress SEO
11. WordPress Comments
12. Getting Traffic To Your WordPress Blog
13. Guest Posting
14. WordPress Security & WordPress Backup & Restore
15. Sending Emails Via WordPress
16. Integrating Social Media & WordPress
17. WordPress Final Checks
18. Making Money From Your WordPress Blog

When you get IM Checklist, it’s the next best thing to having a 7 figure marketer taking you by the hand and showing you EXACTLY what to do for big results in your online business.

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IM Checklists Vol 11 Review